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Tutorials – Software Architecture

Videos: link

Tutorial: link



To get cls working,

CTRL+L Or alias cls=’echo -e “33c”‘


Understanding how& what  to install cygwin: link

API Vs Toolkit Vs Framework Vs Library

As I tumbled upon this question, ran into so many discussions on stackoverflow

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How CAPTCHA works

Simplest link to start: link

Dictionary attacks

These are kind of attacks where computer scripts attempt to login by using randomly generated strings, retrieved from dictionary, as passwords

How to use recaptcha:

1. Open up a URL:


This URL dumps a javascript like below on the browser:

var RecaptchaState = {
site : ‘6LcCg8wSAAAAANPY_SYuAMe7l_dObfxYaukMvFhy’,
rtl : false,
challenge : ’03AHJ_VustfccfCb4QLjCJMe6uC37xVFQZzDjwKloijcCHTlaXWbpZ5-5Q6I-B3iGP7dE-Ob4JSWexiU2RHGq2bHOtkVNTuH2mFl6cC4Zvjf8NLdZpgHzBrP0l_0KmvQNrsNb_ZTtqEgYwISoR3Qg5DJIaKK0XKnrkE7ocy-3cbP4Lr8M3vLKJzmw’,
is_incorrect : false,
programming_error : ”,
error_message : ”,
server : ‘https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/’,
lang : ‘en’,
timeout : 1800


2. Look out for challenge field: Use the value in the challenge field with https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/image?c=

U can get new captchas on every refresh of second url




Resources for deep diving into GIT: link


Basics of DNS: video

How DNS works: video



Basic understanding of Encryption: video

What is SSL: video | SSL Certificate: video
SSL Handshake process: video
Addnl links: video


Consider the common scenario of picking up your email from a remote network location. If you establish a VPN connection from your client to the corporate network you effectively have the same level of access to resources that you would have when working in the office. If you’re only picking up email and surfing the web DO YOU REALLY NEED access to any other corporate applications services or file systems? The more you have access to the more opportunity exists for compromise.

RPC over HTTP effectively opens up a secure connection from your client computer to the server thereby removing the need to use a full VPN.
RPC over HTTP actually uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol as a transport for the traffic. SSL mandates that the server authenticates itself to the client using a digital certificate (and associated private key). SSL is normally configured to encrypt traffic before transmitting it between the server and client and vica versa.

Google Street View

About every 20 feet,  a 360 degree panorama views are captured using special cars, which have a pole on top containing the cameras. As the cars drive through the city, the cameras take the photos automatically. These photos are converted into thousands of little panoramas and loaded onto Google’s servers for you to see


Ability to use svn on code.google.com server is something handy, if some code is to be persisted!

Platform: Win7, 32-bit

  1. Install tortoise svn
  2. Follow simple steps in link